Cabrinha held the first dealer meeting in Japan this past June in Haimurubushi, a beautiful resort hotel in Kohama Island in the Ishigaki Island Group near Okinawa.  The timing of the meeting was perfect for the location  as the rainy season had just finished and there was plenty of sunshine and wind. Dealers attended from all over Japan to listen to Pete’s presentation as well as test ride on all the 2010 products.  The second day was especially epic, with a constant 20 knots wind blowing across the crystal clear warm water.  The high level riding of the dealers showed off kiteboarding at its best to guests of the resort and local kiteboarders. We also had a speed trial competition and Mr. Ogawa, owner of Hello Surf, won the prize. Thanks to all the dealers who attended and we hope this meeting helps the growth of kiteboarding in Japan.