podersdorf albyLast year it was a European event, this year was different, an idea from the German mag Kiteboarding.eu: A Team event, the 3 person team format, guys newschool, guys oldschool and girl oldschool was a pretty cool idea. And the event in Podersdorf turned out to be massive, with thousands of people coming down from Vienna everyday!

Cabrinha team was made up of our Italian stallion Alby Rondina, and Clement Dardillac & Sarah Demdoum from France! The conditions were not really great, especially the first day, with super light wind on and off. Only the small guys were moving. The double was better though. It was rideable on 13m and it was a nice warm sunny day! Alby won his heats but the team lost 2-1.

It was a really fun week all in all. The languages (French, Indonesian, German, Italian & English) were flowing … and the parties all week were all time!

podersdorf alby 2