Arild Kristiansen

I was born in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, and got into skateboarding, snowboarding and windsurfing early as a kid.

I tried kitesurfing in 2002 and since that first moment I have been a hooked kitesurfer. After 10 years of traveling the world to kitesurf and surf new waves I still love it more then anything else.

I've been running a kite and surf school on the Swedish west-coast for 9 years now, with the vision that  anyone can learn to kitesurf. 

As soon as the waves are good, I am out there popping airs and turns strapless on my surfboard with my Drifter kite. To this day I still develop my riding in the waves and I believe the best feeling on earth is landing a new trick or a big floater.

My passion is traveling so I spend a lot of time on the road in places like Indonesia, Westoz, South Africa, Peru, Chile, Portugal, Morocco to push myself in different conditions and see new cultures and meet new people. Thanx Cabrinha for all the support you give me!


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