Brandon Bowe

  • USA

Born and raised on the west coast of Florida only 10 minutes from the beach and with heavy influences from his family and their passion for the sea its not surprise that Brandon's path through life has led  him to his sick obsession for kiteboarding and all water related sports. Brandon first discovered kiteboarding through a friend at the ripe old age of 11. After two years of patiently waiting and flying trainer kites he finally was able to get kiteboarding lessons and finally fix his sick addiction. Brandon even gets to enjoy his time on the water with his father who reluctantly is just as addicted as Brandon is and you will usually see them travel together around Florida on the hunt for their dream sessions while his Mom cheers by the sidelines. Usually with her eyes closed so she doesn't see her baby get hurt haha. 

Now a days Brandon follows his passion of kiteboarding, traveling the world and and experiencing life to the fullest. He is currently down In the Grand Caymans as a kiteboard instructor and following his dream and making a name for himself in this more then wonderful sport of kiteboarding.



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