Brian Kender

  • 1989
  • New Jersey
  • USA
  • Lord of the Wind Course Racing : 3rd Place // African Championships, Egypt : 5th Place.

I grew up spending my summers in the small sailing town of Mantoloking , New Jersey.  I raced Optimists and eventually Lasers every summer, but I was always eager to get off the sailboat and run up to the ocean to go surfing.  Sailing was too slow for me.  I spend some time windsurfing before eventually getting on a kite board.  After riding strapless surfboard for a few years,  I was ready for something different and more demanding.  I wanted to compete and more importantly, go fast. 

Last year I jumped on a kite "race-board" for the first time, and was instantly hooked.  Aside from being able to kite in less than 9mph of wind, I was excited to be able to put forth all my racings skills that I had acquired from a young age once again.  I am currently competing on the 2013 IKA Course Racing tour. 


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