Damien LeRoy

Age : 32
Home Town : Jupiter, Florida Originally from Vail, Colorado
Country : USA

I was born in Vail, Colorado living most of his life in the Mountains. At the age of three my loving parents put me on my first pair of skies. I fell in love with it right away as I would do anything to be one with the snow. I grew up with the best older brother you could ask for. Ray was there by my side on my first days doing any activity that we could think of. Whether it was Motorcycles to rock climbing, skiing, biking, soccer it did not matter we wanted to be out side! I joined the local ski team and started to dedicate me life to ski racing. As I got older I traveled the country competing in ski races all over seeing some of the most beautiful mountains you could ever want to see. Traveling most of the time with my older brother and my parents Tom and Gigi who were all a very big inspiration to me. At the age of ten we left on a family adventure to Alaska. My father was always there for his kids and if we wanted to train in Alaska well we were there and he would find something to keep the family going. We started a fishing camp on the Talachilitna River 100 miles from Anchorage in the middle of the bush. It was the best bonding a family could have as my brother and I became fly fishing guides at a very young age. We would take guests fishing and show them the true Alaskan experience. For our family it was wonderful, living the summers on a river working and fishing with bears and float planes. nothing but the great outdoors. Then in the winter we would head back into Anchorage where my brother and I would train and race at Alyeska which is a great mountain in Alaska. As my skiing career kicked off I moved all over skiing, places like Vail, Steamboat, Big Sky, Sun Valley, Mt Hood all being some of the best ski areas in the United States. As I was giving everything I had into skiing, I spent half the summers training in Mt Hood, Oregon skiing and the other half I would fly to Alaska to help the family run the fly fishing business. I was a young kid living the life skiing, home schooling, fishing, motocross, rock climbing, mountain biking and with a loving family, “wow life was good”. As I got a little older and my skiing was hitting incredible levels. The set backs in life also came along with it. I struggled with knee surgery after knee surgery, I found myself in Naples, Florida one winter after a double knee surgery when a new path started. I had seen kiteboarding with my parents in Hood River, Oregon when I would take breaks at Mt Hood, Oregon from training on the glacier in the summers. In Florida I started to dabble with Kiteboarding as like skiing in a couple of months I went full on, a couple of years later I established myself as one of the top kiteboarders in the world. Now here I am talking to you!

Life has a way of giving you everything you need!! You just have to be open for the positive and never take the negative!!!! As someone once told me have the best day ever, and never give up….

Accomplishments : 2011 1st Place, Course Racing, La Ventana, Mexico; 2010 2nd World Championships Course Racing; 2010 Top five in the world for speed, 1st Overall, National Champion San Francisco, California Course Racing 2008; 1st Place Hatteras, North Carolina Freestyle Triple S Event 2007; 2nd Overall Hatteras, North Carolina Triple S Event 2007; 1st Overall Champion Hookipa, Hawaii King of The Air 2004; 2008 Brooke Knows Best reality show, CO STAR; 2008 FOX Gorge games coverage, Event winner 2008

Website : damienleroy.com

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