Evan Netsch

Like many young kiters, I come from windsurfing parents. Born in Cape May, NJ, my parents picked up windsurfing a little later in life, but got me into it from the time I could barely walk. I did well in a few east coast junior competitions through my elementary school years, but after we moved to Hatteras, NC and when I was around 10, I started to see the first few kites on the water. With both my parents windsurfing along with my sister and me, they were reluctant to go through the learning process of a new sport. But as little kids do, I pushed them hard enough until they let me sell some of my windsurfing gear to buy my first 2 line 4 meter kite. It took me the majority of a summer to learn on the original crude gear the sport had to offer, but I loved it. At the time I had no idea kiting would be such a driving force in my life, but now about 15 years later here I am, still with a kite in my hands. Kiting as much as I could through high school meant I had to go to university on the water, and so I chose UNCW. Located just a few hours from my hometown of Hatteras meant I was able to ride all through my college years at school, and also make constant trips back home for all the great wave riding days we get in the spring and in the fall in Hatteras. Living here, I have never really been able to focus on just one riding style as we get such a wide variety of conditions, I can’t seem to let a single session slip by. About half the time it seems like the wind is pumping but the surf is flat so I’m on the backside of the island riding flat water on the sound side. The other half of the time we have a swell so the ocean side is lined up with beach breaks for miles on end. If there is no wind, there's often a nice little swell to keep me in the water for a surf. Growing up in Hatteras has really influenced my riding style because of the huge variety of conditions allowing me to take my riding in every direction possible. Now, after riding as much as I could all through my school and university years, the freedom of graduating has allowed me to follow my passion on the water doing what I love to do, nearly everyday of my life. So far the sport has led me to great places and wonderful people, and there is nothing more I would rather be doing.


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