Francesco Maffei

Since I was a kid I have been hanging around the beach in my home town Tarquinia and my parents passed on me their passion and respect for the sea.
I first started boat sailing when I was 7, because all my family was into that and it was the most obvious thing to do for me at that time. Then I started surfing when I was 9, windsurfing when I was 10 and then learned kitesurfing at 17.

For me riding a surfboard with a kite was an obvious evolution of my riding style.
Surfing has been my first love and for me strapless riding is just an extension of it because you can use the power of the kite to tow yourself into the waves and have fun even when it’s too windy for surfing.
Even if I wasn’t on the ocean with consistent wind and waves, my passion for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing was so strong that kept me going out even in the coldest and worst days just to have that feeling of freedom and happiness you get being in the sea. For me to be part of the Cabrinha team is such an honor and it feels like all the energies I dedicate to my passion have been rewarded.
Never hold back on your passion, always keep focused and try hard to reach your goal no matter what. 


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