James Boulding

  • United Kingdom

Hailing from the United Kingdom, I grew up in Manchester and spent my youth in love with all things sport. One sport led to the other but finally I started getting lured into Kitesurfing when I was 17. 10 years on I am still as hooked as I was at the beginning and i've seen a lot of changes in the sport and with me. When I left school I attended Newcastle University to study mathematics, upon graduation I turned down the city life and left the UK in search of kiting in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. After a few years I dabbled with some freestyle competitions in the UK and surprised myself with a 2nd place finish overall in 2009 in the british championships. This led to some sponsorship opportunities and from then on things as a pro kitesurfer kicked off. Throughout my life I have always been interested in photography and whilst at university i bought my first video camcorder. Documenting my trips was important and I used video making as a tool to show family and friends my experiences. As my kiting improved so did my video work and I started using both to carve out an existence. Putting any money I earned back into video equipment my passion for both riding and filming grew equally.

I got hooked with riding bindings 4 years ago and with a core group of other riders from the UK who adopted boots at the time we set about bringing what we enjoyed a bit more mainstream. Riding cable, kiting kickers, sliders, rails we threw ourselves into the movement depicted by many as 'wake style' but to us it was more about just free-riding and doing what we thought was fun and enjoyable that wasn't just the norm competitions and freestyle. Documenting these trips and projects by video was the way to show things off to the industry. Feeling fresh as ever with energy for kiting and film making I'm over the moon to come on board with Cabrinha.


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