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Jenna Hannon

  • United States

Jenna Hannon has made a name for herself in the kite community as a Cabrinha team rider and contributor to both Kiteworld and Kiteboarding Magazine. She is also a marketer working in Silicon Valley specializing in grass roots and digital marketing.

Originally from Canada, Jenna discovered kiteboarding while driving to Southern California through Oregon every year to attend University at USC. Upon graduation, she moved to Hood River, to take up the sport and joined the addicted.

When Jenna returned to LA, she became a regular kiteboarding local, starting the LA kiteboarding community online (Blow Me Malibu) to bring the crew together for carpools, gear deals, and session alerts. She currently lives in San Francisco where she works as a non-traditional marketer in technology. She currently works for a startup run by kiters, Fanhattan, and advises on the marketing side for a wind conditions app, called weendy.

Jenna is also a passionate snowboarder, skateboarder, SUP, and motocross rider. Follow her journeys on her Facebook page or learn about her career in tech on her Linkedin.


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