Jon Modica


I was born in Long Island, NY but grew up in Jupiter, FL.  I've been addicted to kiteboarding for the last 12 years couldn't imagine my life without it.  Although most people I know consider kiteboarding an extreme sport, I can't think of anything more relaxing. Life, as we all know, is extremely complicated, but when I'm out on the water everything becomes so clear and simple.  It's not just a "release", it's what drives me through the day!  
I spend most of my time riding strapless these days due to an ankle injury a few years ago. When it first happened, I thought having a bad ankle would limit my riding, but it's done just the opposite.  Before the injury, I rode one board, one way, and did the same tricks day after day with only slight variation.  Now, I might take my surfboard, my alaia (google it), or a strapless hydrofoil depending the conditions.  
Want my advice? Variety is truly the spice of life and kiteboarding has so much variety; maybe that's why I love it.  Next time you're at the beach, try riding something different!  Grab a wakeboard, skimboard, surfboard, foilboard or a race board.



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