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Keahi de Aboitiz

  • 23
  • Sunshine Coast, Australia
  • Sunny Coast, Australia
  • 1st Australian National Titles Freestyle, 1st Australian National Titles Waves, 1st PKRA Wave world Tour 2011, 1st KSP World Tour 2012 and 2013


From a young age I've always loved everything about the ocean. Living in Noosa in Australia, I got into surfing when I was about 5. From then on I was really into water sports. It wasn't till I was about 11 that I started kiting. With the surf in Noosa getting extremely crowded, I felt like a bit of a change and with my dad teaching kiting, it was just a natural progression really. It didn't take me long before I was hooked on kiting and it was just what I needed to escape the ever increasing crowds surfing Noosa . In 2004  we went on a family trip to Hawaii where I learnt Pete Cabrinha is actually my fourth cousin. We spent a bit of time on Maui hanging out with him and he was nice enough to give me a couple of kites to bring home.

In 2006 the Australian rep for Cabrinha invited me down to compete in the 2006 Freestyle Nationals and see how I rode. At 13 years old this was a pretty big trip for me and I was stoked when I came away with 3rd place in the u18s. From then on i've been sponsored by Cabrinha and haven't looked back. In 2007 and 2008 I was able to take out the u18s and in 2009 I was able to win my first open National Freestyle title at 16.

I've always loved everything about kiting so I wasn't just focused on the freestyle. Being a surfer I always loved everything to do with the waves so it wasn't long before I took up that side of the sport as well. In 2008 I won my first u18s Junior title but it wasn't until 2011 that I won my first open title in the waves. This year I decided to do the surf side of the PKRA and after winning the first two events, hopefully I can take out the title this year. At the moment I'm a lot more focused on the waves and really enjoy pushing the strapless side of the sport. That being said, kiteboarding is my passion and I'm into all aspects of the sport. Hopefully I can continue along this path for years to come.


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