Liam Whaley



I hope you read this. This is a message for the people of Venezuela and people all around the world. πŸ‡»πŸ‡ͺ🌎 βž–It's not where you come from that defines how your life is going to unfold, it's the people you meet, the opportunities that you take and the ambitions that you dedicate your time on. Those are a few important things that create your path. Some of us have it way easier than others, but we all have the right to fight for freedom. Venezuela is the place with the most contrast that I have ever seen. From the rugged slums to the most luxurious yachts. From the grey smog that people pray up to everyday to the most crystal clear views with no worries in sight. We are blinded by what we want to see, the people we surround ourselves by and we don't appreciate what we have. I live a very good life compared to others, I acknowledge and appreciate it everyday. We should all be aware of what is going on around us. I for one will learn as much as I can about each place I travel to. Venezuela deserves all the support that It can get right NOW. It has the bravest people I know and all the resources that a country needs to be sustainable, on the other hand it has a corrupt government that doesn't give a fuck about stealing from its people. Venezuelas government only cares about protecting itself. This country deserves much more. I'm gonna give it all the love I can through the sport that connects me to most of the people I know and look up to. Venezuela is only one of the many places that are going through very difficult times. I hope through social media we can help transmit the desperate voices of these brave people all around the world and create enough awareness to make a change! #earthday #wearetogether #estamosjuntos #Venezuela