Liam Whaley

  • 18
  • Tarifa
  • Spain
  • Ranked 4th on the PKRA World Tour in 2013.


I was born in Ibiza a small Island off the coast of Spain and I and learned to kite there. Ibiza was not the most ideal place to practice so me and my dad would go to Brazil, Cumbuco every year to train. I started to show more interest as I progressed at this sport and at the age of 13 we decided to move to Tarifa because of kiting and my dads businesses.

From then on I was able to ride every day with the best riders like Gisela Pulido and Alex Pastor. That year I trained very hard and Cabrinha came up with a international sponsorship deal, I was very happy because I knew this would give me the opportunity to become part of one of the biggest kiteboarding brands in the industry and the whole tour! That year I ended up becoming Spanish and European Junior Champion, from that moment on I knew that I had enough level to compete on the PKRA WORLD TOUR with the most talented people at this sport.

In 2012 I did the first 6 stops of the PKRA and had a couple really good results like 7th and 4th place.

Now I am currently doing the whole Tour whilst studying online.


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