Paul Caswell

I joke that I practically lived on a sailboat growing up as a kid.  Kicking and screaming, I was led, practically kidnapped, to our family's sailboat for a weekend trip to some distant, remote island.  This weekly routine would start upon the first thaw of ice in the spring and and would run until late fall, who are we kidding it was practically winter!  Eventually, I was able to jump ship and expand my sailing background and I've had the opportunity to sail or race on most everything from Laser's to Maxi's.   In all seriousness, today I look back on all those experiences and am thankful to my family.
I first came across kitesurfing while on vacation to Hawaii and was immediately drawn to the sport.  My first kite trip was to Tahiti in 2003 where I was able to kite in Raiatea, Bora Bora and Tahiti.  That trip changed my life and upon arriving home, I picked up a kite magazine and saw an article about El Yaque, Venezuela as an up and coming kite spot.  Four months later, January 2004, I moved to El Yaque and is where I continue to call home today.
I later joined the PKRA World Tour and served as Vice President for six years helping to grow the organization and tour.  It was at a PKRA event in Germany, 2009, that I met my girlfriend, Silke Ortmann da Silva, and she has become as passionate about kitesurfing as myself, if thats even possible.  Together we kite almost daily in Venezuela and around the world as we help spread the stoke that kiting brings to us.  Some notable firsts I have contributed to the PKRA tour, include : First live stream event, Cabarete 2004; Live Results system launched, Brazil 2004; Sponsored and Introduced Course Racing to the tour, Canada 2006.
To me Cabrinha kites not only represents the leading kitesurfing brand but also a lifestyle and fraternal community who all understands our passion for wind, water for kiting.  I'm proud to say that I've been active ambassador for Cabrinha kites since 2004.


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