Reo Stevens

  • 30
  • Haleiwa, Hi
  • USA
  • BA in Economics. Not one for contest, just a 'free kitesurfer'

I haven't been on anything without 'real fins' in years. My entire focus is on the waveriding aspect of the sport. I look at kitesurfing as an extension of surfing much like how towsurfing or Stand Up Paddling are (I do both of those as well). It's simply another way to catch a wave and increase your wave count and water time. Unlike some, I don't have any "one way" that you should wave ride with a kite. I look at it as the right style and right equipment for the conditions. Although my preference to waveriding is frontside/unhooked/unstrapped, but some places and conditions do not always allow for this style; whether is too bumpy or too gusty. I am not opposed to riding hooked in or with straps. I choose to ride whatever style/equipment that best suits the conditions to allow for the highest level of performance waveriding.


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