Richard Flindall

  • UK
  • For the last 6 years I have been living the life of ‘the never ending summer’ by traveling to warmer climates every year for the winter months. In 2010 I trained hard in Cabarete and was ready to try out in the PKRA. Unfortunately, just weeks before the first competition of the year I had a very awkward landing and managed to twist my knee, which really put things on hold. However not wanting to lose the love for the sport, I opened Richy’s Kitesurf School, a school specializing in running improver clinics for people looking to push their riding. At the start of 2012, Fest Wake Cable Park was opened just minutes from my home, allowing me to train wind or no wind and also allowing me to hit kickers and sliders anytime I want. 2013 was a good year for me as my kite school was really busy after introducing video analysis using ‘Soloshot’, an automatic cameraman.  Also I traveled around the UK competing on the UK tour circuit and other local competitions, in which I managed to get 3rd overall for the year in the British kite surfing tour and 2nd overall in the east beach open after missing 2 events. Changing from straps to boots just this winter I already feel more comfortable as they allow me to ride faster and more powered into my tricks. After riding Cabrinha kites for years I am stoked to finally sign with Cabrinha and NP surf late in the 2013 season, I have really got dialed into my new kites and boards for 2014. I'm also really looking forward to pushing the brand and myself forward in the sport for years to come.

Growing up just 100m from the beach, my whole life has been dedicated to the sea, whether it be kayaking, sailing or just swimming, it was always hard for my parents to get me home on time for dinner. At the age of 13 I decided I wanted to try my hand at kite surfing right in the middle of the freezing cold winter. After a lot of persuasion from my parents not wanting me to learn a new sport in the icy temperatures we settled on learning to kite on a land board, I picked this up extremely quickly. By the time the summer came around I had managed to secure myself a sponsorship with a mountain board brand and had a summer of travels planned with them. This started my love for traveling and seeing the world. As soon as the weather was warm enough I got straight out on the water with great success as transferring the skills from the land to the water came naturally.

Learning the sport with my best friend really helped us push our riding and soon we were ahead of everyone at our local beach and still keen to learn more, we headed to our first competition at one of the British tour stops and saw the level of the pro riders. Ever since then I have wanted to push my riding as far as I can.




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