Silke Caswell

  • Berlin
  • Venezuela
  • Margarita Wild Winds 2013 (El Yaque, Venezuela): 1st Freestyle, 2nd Slalom
    1st Encuentro Kite Addict Colombia 2013 (Cabo de la Vela, Colombia): 1st Long Distance, 2nd Freestyle, 2nd Slalom)
    PKRA 2012 Germany: 16th Freestyle
    PKRA 2012 Adicora, Venezuela: 7th Freestyle
    COPA ONA 2012 (El Yaque, Venezuela): 1st Long Distance, 2nd Freestyle
    Margarita Wild Winds 2012 (El Yaque, Venezuela): 2nd Freestyle, 2nd Long Distance

I grew up in Berlin, Germany with the ocean far of reach. But since being a little girl I always wanted to move south and close to the ocean.
In 1999, after finishing high school, I moved to Cabarete and started working for a tour operator. It was in the Dominican Republic, where I first saw kiteboarding and fell in love with it. But at that time, I was working day and night and didn't have the time to start a new sport. I went back to Germany to study and I started working part time at events. When I saw that the PKRA was having a stop in Germany in 2006, I applied and was accepted for a job. I worked at the PKRA event for 4 years and was fascinated by the sport. In 2008, I became a flight attendant and I was able to travel the world and see lots of kite spots. Even then, I used my vacation in order to continue working at the PKRA Event in Germany. I met my boyfriend, Paul Caswell, in 2009 and I finally started kiting and was hooked right away.
In 2010 we moved to Margarita Island, Venezuela. Since then, you can barely get me off the water. I'm kiting almost every day, constantly learning new tricks and pushing my limits. I'm open for every challenge or new riding style as they are developed and I want to get into foiling. Besides freestyle, I really like long-distance kiting, currently I'm the only woman that has kited from El Yaque around Coche Island and back again.  I have competed in local competitions in Venezuela, Colombia and twice on the PKRA World Tour (Germany and Venezuela).


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