Therese Taabbel

From day one I’ve been completely in loved with the sport. The action, the saltwater, the air, the atmosphere, the people.One big combination of passion, dedication and fun. 

I was around 8 years old when I first flew a kite – and I was hooked. But I was very young and very light, so my parent wouldn’t let me go into the water. Instead I tried windsurfing, but it was not really falling into my interest. I only wanted one thing. I wanted to kite, and there was nothing to stop me.A few years later, after using loads of time with my trainer kite. One day my dad came home with a second-hand kite, I was so happy. We used hours in the bathroom trying to fix all the wholes, because the kite had been in a thorn bush. And finally I was on the water, and haven’t missed at day since. 

I am born and raised in Denmark, with always having my parents by my side supporting me. I’ve always been living with positivity and smile, which now has become my approach to life, and way of living. 

Kitesurfing has become a passion, a dream and an ambition for me. I’ve already had so many wonderful experiences from it. And I can’t wait to see what the future will bring of exciting things. I enjoy the time on the water, but I know it takes lots of training and hard work to reach the top. And that’s were I want to be. Work hard, ride harder! You must be willing to fight for what you want.

In 2010 I became a part of the Cabrinha team, and I have proudly been representing Cabrinha ever since. 


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