Tobias Hölter

  • 27
  • Henstedt-Ulzburg
  • Germany
  • Now I am almost 10 years in the sport and my world still evolves around it.  I finished a UNI degree in mechanical engineering but instead of designing the cars of tomorrow I am putting my knowledge back into the sport by giving feedback to our products. I am happy and very proud to be part Cabrinha, since my early days in the watersport are deeply entrenched with that name.

Like a lot of people in this Sport I was a windsurfer before I got in contact with kiting. My Father had a pile of that junk stored in the attic. Relicts from a time before I was born. It was around that time when I was at the age of 13 and  a friend of mine and I discovered Boards and Sails under my parents roof. My friend was brought up windsurfing from the age of 6 and was stoked that he now had friend he could potentially ride with and started teaching me windsurfing on a street surfer (skateboard with powerjoint) the same day we made the discovery in the attic.

From that day on I went to the beach to practice Windsurfing when ever I got the chance to. When I was at home I absorbed Pete Cabrinha talking to me from a bunch of old VDWS Video Tapes that my father archived from his Windsurfing days. The sport consumed me. Only a few seasons later, seeing more and more Kite on the beach I decided to buy my first Kite.


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