Today is International Women’s Day so here are some random observations to get you thinking. 1. Each and every one of us was created inside of a woman. Yes that’s an obvious one, but it deserves repeating. 2. The word “girl” referred to a child of either sex until around the 16th century when it became specific for lil’ ladies. 3. A woman’s adult lifespan used to be broken up into three phases: maiden, mother and crone. Maiden =  young woman and unmarried, Mother = of child bearing age, and Crone = post-menopausal. Nice job past humans…really nailed those descriptors well 👌🏼 4. Women blink 👀 about twice as much as men. Seriously, that’s a thing. The reasons why are unclear, but some hypothesize that it is due to increased fluid production caused by estrogen and that batting one’s eyelashes has evolved as a natural indicator of fertility. 5. Proportionally human women have the largest breasts of all mammals. Why does that matter? It doesn’t, but we thought you should know. 6. Did you know that men and women’s clothing 👕👚 are buttoned on opposite sides because in the past it was expected that men of high-society dress themselves whereas women were dressed by servants. We just ran to the closet to check and it’s true. WTF!? 7. The very first telephone operators were young men, but because they took too long to do their job and were rude to callers, they were soon replaced predominantly by young women who were generally more cordial and efficient. 8. 75% of Waterlust employees are women!