After a few hiccups on his way to Venezuela Alby finally made it.  WIth his pockets a lot less heavy from the fee's he paid on the way, he was stoked to be done traveling and exchanged some money before heading to the event site.  "Adicora definitely impressed me! It looked like the smallest fishing village on the beach during the week, but for the weekend it got super packed with people from the closest cities coming down to enjoy the beach.  The wind was non-stop from sunrise to sunset and apparently it is like that from December all the way until June. The water is shallow and really hot with little kickers all along the coast! " he said.

"The comp started and I had a good first heat with a local guy from Adicora." said Alby.  For the 2nd heat of the single he was against Kevin Langeree, former 2009 World Champ from Holland.  "I had a solid heat, only crashed once, landing regular and switch backmobes, Grab S-mobe5, FrontblindMobe even landed my first ever G-spot in competition (which is a toeside backmobe) and rode fully powered. " he said.   Unfortunately a few of the judges, not all of them,  gave Kevin more points for more basic high maneuvers.   This comes as a big disappointment to Alby as the riders voted for the Pkra rules to score higher for more technical moves.  Loosing by 0.1 points Alby sucked it up and headed for the doubles.
 "I was against Marc Jacobs, who got 3rd overall last year…I was stoked to have a solid heat and advance!  Everything was allright until the first trick in my heat with Sam Light. I didn’t land my S-mobe and my strap broke so the board hit my knee …the water was quite shallow too, so I hit the bottom.   Sam was riding solid…I changed boards but I could’t come back!  I guess that’s how it goes sometimes!" Alby said.  
Although Alby was sour about taking 6th place AND realizing how he could have doubled his money had he exchanged it on the black market, the new kids on the block Annabel and Liam were both pretty happy placing in the top 10 at this stop.  Bryan Lake is another Cab rider to keep your eyes on... this guy is smoking the comp like a stogie in the racing department. Exciting times ahead as the team heads to Cold Germany for the next stop of the tour.
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