Paracuru, Brazil -- Kite Adventures will be offering three camps in Paracuru, Ceará, Brazil in late 2009, giving intermediate and advanced riders the chance to get coached on improving their riding by some of the world's top pro riders.  The first camp will feature brothers Jesse and Shawn Richman, the second Susi Mai and Tom Court, and the third, for girls only, Susi Mai and Clarissa Hempel.

The first camp will take place over 6 days between Sunday, October 24 and Thursday, October 29, featuring brothers Jesse (Cabrinha) and Shawn  Richman (Mystic/RRD).  Jesse and his brother have been at the forefront of kiteboarding since the beginning, living in Maui Hawaii, and got their taste for big air at a young age. Both are pushing the limits of the sport, and taking top marks at competitions around the world.  Jesse recently took first place at the KPWT Dunkerque, and first in the single elimination wave title at the KPWT Santa Cruz in Portugal.  The price for this camp is R$2,390 (approx US$1,195 at a 2-1 exchange rate).

The second camp will take place over 6 days between Monday, November 9 and Saturday, November 14, featuring kiteboarding's power duo, Susi Mai (Cabrinha) and Tom Court (North).  Susi and Tom will work with riders to help them acheive their goals, whether it be learning new freestyle tricks or riding waves.  Both Susi and Tom recently took 2nd place at the PKRA KiteLoop contest at Fuerteventura, with Tom finishing just behind Aaron Hadlow.  The price for this camp is R$2,390 (approx US$1,195 at a 2-1 exchange rate).

The third camp, for girls only, will take place over 5 days between Wednesday, November 25 and Sunday, November 29, featuring riders Susi Mai and Clarissa Hempel (both Cabrinha riders).  Both Susi and Clarissa want to make the sport more accessible to female riders, and will be working with kiters of all abilities to help them progress and and have more fun kiting.  Clarissa recently took first place in both the Women's Surf competition and Women's Overall at the Triple-S invitational, with Susi Mai taking second in both.  The price for this camp is R$1,900 (approx US$995 at a 2-1 exchange rate).

Camps will be limited to between 12 and 14 participants to ensure every rider gets personal attention during the camp.  More information can be found online at

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Founded in 2004, Kite Adventures ( offers guided adventure tours and pro-coached camps for kiteboarders in northeast Brazil.  The company is best known for its 7- and 10-day downwind trips, traveling the entire coastline via between Cumbuco and Jericoacoara Brazil by way of the beach using 4x4s, dune buggies, and floating the trucks on rafts across various rivers encountered along the way.  New for 2009, the company is now partnering with some of the world's best pro riders to offer coaching camps based in Paracuru, utilizing the Paracuru kite spot, the flat water lagoon in Taiba as well as the 10km downwind route from Taiba to Paracuru.  Kite Adventures is based in Paracuru, Ceará, Brazil.