Using Velocity kites Camilla Ringvold and Linn Jorstad competed in the 300km long as team URGE.  The Varanger Arctic Kite Endurance challenge is an international long distance competition, where the contestants travel 300 km across the wintery Varanger Peninsula above the Arctic circle.  Taking over 4 days to complete the crew must set up camp at night. 

“We managed to FINISH the race, as one of three women´s team to ever finish this competition - ever! The top three women’s team crossed the finish line together after 300km! 


We used Cabrinha Velocity's.  We were one of the few teams using tube kites - and proved that these kites have some great advantages, and that we can beat most of the guys!" Camilla says. 


Earning some great coverage on both of the national TV stations team Cabrinha is very proud of team Urge, an authorized dealer of Cabrinha kites in Denmark.  



4minutes - primetime on TV2 on Saturday:


From the start on NRK on the news: