wonw_0099December 2010 the WONW Jam at the CWC cable park in the Philippines.  Here we have the Island boys getting ready for the relay race.  L to R ( Davey Blair, Moe Gould, Andre Phillip & Jason Stone).

" We had the relay in the bag," says Dre.  " I opened the race with a sprint swim, then ran thru an obstacle course and gave the boys an uncontested lead. Davey swam and climed the iceberg and tagged Stone who was supposed to run and jump over a bar that was like 2' high... he blew it 3 times. We should have known that with his solid upper body, his chicken legs couldn't get him over it. So we got passed by the other teams and lost."  Stone's comments were, "The limbo stick was so high super man couldn't get over it.  Everyone passed me by jumping over the stick after I knocked it down." Sounds like they might rearrange the relay order next year.

Dre takes the quick way down the stairs

dre quick way down the stairs

$7 body massages after a day of riding.

7 dollar body massages

Transportation in the Philippines

philippines transportation

transport 2

The girls getting a close look at the action

girls gettin a close look at the action

Get in line to get your picture taken!

we love you dre