en glad gjeng p vidda tuva jansen i rd jakke susi mai i rutete jakke bjrn kaupang i gr og gul jakke22 young snow kiters between age 10 -18yrs gathered at Haugastol Turistsenter with the whole Hardangervidda mountain as their playground. The kids had a vast amount of talent and came from all over the country to kite and learn from each other. They had some inspiring company from the pro´s that are up at Haugastol preping for the Red Bull Ragnarok taking place this upcoming weekend. Visits from Cabrinha's Pro Team riders Susi Mai and Remi Meum (2 of the youngsters favorites) along with local hero Bjørn Kaupang, Tuva Jansen and Petter Johnsen all inspiring the gang to big in the snow.
A big thank you to Martin Aune Østerdal and Camilla Ringvold, owners of the URGE kiteshop in Oslo and national Cabrinha dealers for taking the initiative to run the camp.
- "It´s really fun to see how many young kiters that has been introduced to snow kiting and kiting in general in the last few years. We really believe that it is important for the development that we gather them, inspire them and let them inspire each other so that they want to continue and have fun with the sport. We are really grateful that we could get so many pro riders here this weekend - they were a huge inspiration for the young ones!! We are already in the making of a summer camp. This time we had a waiting list for the camp, so it´s definitely something that we see that young kiters would like to participate in." - Camilla Ringvold
- "This is from now on a tradition here in Norway! We welcome you all next year!" - Martin Aune Østerdal
christian juell teamkjrer for urge og camp leder viser bort kunster
torstein ndland fra stavanger og bastian solbakken fra nordstrand i oslo sammen med profesjonelle snkiter remi meum til hyre
susi mai med lilla lue med gjengen
Photo by Christian Black Photography
About Youth Empire
Youth Empire is a gathering of the world's next generation of kiteboarders. Powered by Cabrinha, programs throughout the world offer young riders from the ages of 10-18 an opportunity to learn more about kiteboarding and the lifestyle. Activities include clinics, demos and talks by pro riders.This was the first Youth Empire event in Norway - and we are looking forward to continue the success.