Intriguing Beings podcast with Pete Cabrinha

In his new 'Intriguing Beings' podcast, IKSURFMAG's Rou Chater talked to Pete Cabrinha about the recent and future paths of Cabrinha and about his passion for the arts, which are incorporated in each Cabrinha product. 

"It’s an incredibly insightful conversation with one of the heroes of our sport and a truly great waterman! Pete has a huge passion for trying new things on the water and more recently he’s become totally addicted to foil surfing. He picked up kiteboarding before it was even really a sport and he’s the driving force behind one of the world’s biggest kiteboarding brands." - Rou Chater

We hope you enjoy this podcast as much as we do. Stay tuned for more on Intriguing Beings.

Pete charging in Maui's Tidy Bowls on his go-to 2019 set up: Drifter, 1X Overdrive Fireball and the all-new X:Breed surf board.

The next level: Foiling. (Photo: Franck Berthuot)

Pete in his Maui home, center of his passion for ocean sports and art.