Pete Cabrinha: 4 Decades at the cutting edge of watersports

Adventure Sports Network just published a feature with Cabrinha founder and brand manager Pete Cabrinha. The article looks back to 4 decades at the cutting edge of waterspouts and the evolution of Pete Cabrinha.

“When I first saw a kitesurfer launch into the air and get way more hangtime than any windsurfer I’d ever seen I was curious. It was so familiar and like an odd spin-off of all the sports we'd done before. There were a handful of guys who had a memory of the start of windsurfing and we knew it was going to kick. However the equipment was very basic, so out of necessity I started building my own kites and boards under the Cabrinha label."

"Foilboarding reignited a feeling I haven’t had in a long time. It is so addictive because you end up chasing two-foot waves with the same intensity as head high or double overhead waves. On Maui it’s fired everyone up from the groms to the old guys. The future seems limitless.”