The Visionary

pete cabrinha


An Inspired Life

Pete Cabrinha is an uncommon individual. Pete's dedication to water sports has gained him both pioneer and master status in three of the most cutting edge sports to come along in the past three decades. International titles in surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing have put Pete at the top of a short list of world class watermen.

Pete's success and lifestyle as a professional water sports athlete and the founder of Cabrinha Kitesurfing can be directly linked to his deep roots in Maui, Hawaii. Pete groomed his skills and formed his unique approach to board sports in surfing’s most innovative region.

For the past two decades Pete has pursued the visual arts with vigor and curiosity. He has paired his technical photography skills with his off center painting techniques to capture the essence of a life lived above and below the Hawaiian waters.
Pete’s inspiration is fueled by the creativity that flows through his family. Lisa, his wife is an artist and fashion designer and his daughter Tahiti has embraced the arts through music and the theatre.

»Luck, timing, and my passion for doing things differently have put me where I am today.«